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TELUS LivingWell Companion

Canada’s most affordable personal emergency response service.

TELUS is making it even easier for older Canadians and their loved ones to enjoy added peace of mind, by offering the most affordable personal emergency response service in Canada—with no shipping feesPlans start from $20/mo on a 1-year term—that’s less than $1 a day for greater peace of mind.


PUSH button to summon help any time day or night.

SPEAK to a live emergency operator based in Canada



HELP is on the way.

How a Medical Alert System Works

Looking For a
Medical Alert System?

Alone and worried about falling or needing help with a health problem? 

You’re not alone.  More than 1.6 million Canadian seniors experienced a fall last year.

But for older adults who want to age in place, a medical alert system can help you live by yourself longer without sacrificing your safety.

With the press of a wearable call button, a medical alert system can put you in touch with a dispatcher who can summon first responders or contact a family member in the event of an emergency.

TELUS LivingWell Companion

Enjoy added peace of mind knowing that you or your loved ones have access to support at home. With access to help 24/7, independent living is made comfortable and secure.


24/7 access to live emergency operators
Emergency help button
Free shipping
Waterproof device
Lanyard and Wristband

24/7 access to live emergency operators
Fall detection feature

Emergency help button
Free shipping
Water-resistant device

Get connected to help instantly, with automatic fall detection. With access to help 24/7, independent living is made comfortable and secure.

Home with Fall Detection


Get connected to help at home or on the go, with the press of a button, with fall detection feature and built-in GPS feature.

24/7 access to live emergency operators
Fall detection feature
Emergency help button
Free shipping
Waterproof device
Belt clip and lanyard


What Customers
Are Saying

Right after we got it for her she had a fall. Within seconds, the emergency operator was calling to see if she was ok

— Melissa

My mom. . . will get to see her grandchildren grow up—all because of LivingWell Companion.

— Sean

I live alone and having a way of getting help if I need it has given me great peace of mind.

— Annette

The alarm makes me feel much more secure and it makes everyone in my family feel that much more secure.

— Sheila

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want a home-based or mobile system?

Medical alert systems were first designed to work with your landline. Today, however, many companies offer mobile options. Someone who doesn’t leave the house often might not need a mobile system, while an active older adult may want protection outside the home.

The systems we recommend are monitored, meaning that the call button connects you with our 24/7 emergency response center, staffed by our highly trained medical alert experts. You can rest assured that any time the call button is pressed, there is someone ready to answer the call who is an expert at providing help in these situations.

Should your system be monitored or not?

Some companies offer the option of fall detection features for an additional monthly fee. Manufacturers say these devices sense falls when they occur and automatically contact the dispatch center, just as they would if you had pressed the call button. The fall detection feature might not detect all falls. If you do fall, do not wait for the automatic call, always press and hold the button for help when possible.

Should you add a fall-detection feature?

Can you purchase this for my family member or friend?

The end user of the service does not have to be the person responsible for payment. If you’re a caregiver, you can get the service for your loved one, and have the bill sent to you.

Is LivingWell Companion Go water resistant? Can I wear it in the shower?

All LivingWell Companion devices come in highly water-resistant shells that are splash — and rain — resistant. LivingWell Companion Go is waterproof.

Worry Less. Live More. Call Now.

Speak with our highly trained medical alert experts who will walk you through:


Types of medical alert sytems and how they work

The lifestyle you enjoy and would like to maintain

Special discounts you may qualify for to ensure the most affordable system price


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Worry Less.
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Maintain Your Independence Starting From Less Than $1 a Day 

Fall detection feature (optional)
Access to 24/7 emergency support
No shipping fees

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